Really truly love this tutorial for men's makeup "guy-liner" application.  Johnny Depp doesn't roll out of bed looking the way he does... well, that is unless he didn't take his makeup off the night before.  I may not wear makeup that often but power to the men that do!

Glam, rock, and gothic makeup looks FOR MEN

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Appropriating the Egyptian Culture by using the Eye of Horus meaning to symbolize Royalty as makeup for Costume.

egyptian eye makeup | More About Egyptian Eye Makeup & Tutorial | StyleCraze

25 Gorgeous Eye Makeup Tutorials For Beginners of 2018

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Jaada- resident baker of Midaq alley; is physically abused by his wife

Male makeup in ancient times

PRESS RELEASE May 2005 - King Tut Facial Reconstruction - Dr. Zahi Hawass - The Plateau - Official Website of Dr. Zahi Hawass - three independent attempts to reconstruct the face of Egypt’s most famous king, Tutankhamun.

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Week Egyptian Makeup Images It was difficult finding images with this for men but this is a good example.

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Make-up of the week. Egyptian makeup

"Model Flip Driver has a makeover using an Egyptian makeup palette from the Dynasty at the Science Museum in London.