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Tropical Rainforest Biome: Plants and Animals

Day 181 Beautiful World: blue poison dart frog (Dendrobates azureus) - listed as Vulnerable, but if rainforest deforestation continues, its status will become more critical.

30 Gorgeous Animals More Photogenic Than You.

baby sloth at the sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. There is a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica? I MUST go there!

Blue Pit Viper by AdityaPermana. Please Like http://fb.me/go4photos and Follow @go4fotos Thank You. :-)

Blue Pit Viper - Pinned by Mak Khalaf turquoise pit viper (Trimeresurus insularis) Animals BlueCloseupDetailMacroNikonSnakeViperturquoise pit viper (Trimeresurus insularis) by AdityaPermana

Exotic Owl.... Xx DanaMichele ❤

Red Owl: Also known as the Madagascar red owl, Madagascar grass-owl and Soumange's owl- Beautiful!

Baby Fennec fox. These actually make great pets where they are legal. Beautiful animal! I WANT ONR

I want it! Baby Fennec Foxes actually make great pets and are sometimes more well behaved than dogs.

endangered Rainbow Seahorse.

Y'all, The Seahorse Is A Real Thing And We Are All Blessed With Its Existence

Exotic Animal Species - Cat

Savannah is one of the top cats , but if we say its worlds most expensive breeds in the cats then it might not be wrong some where it styles just look like a Bengal tiger . would love a statuette of this in my garden.