Image size cheat sheet for photo and graphic sizes on all social media - Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, YouTube, Pinterest, Vine, & Tumblr

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The ultimate social media image cheat sheet: what size should your images be? This handy guide is updated every time a social media platform changes. Pin it for future reference!

Tired of getting pix-elated images for your business' Facebook page. Now you can use this infographic to find out what is the optimal size for each touch point with your customer. Learn how the Innovation Center can help your business grow:

Infographic: Essential Facebook Photo Size Dimensions 2014

The Ultimate Guide on #Facebook Dimensions (for ALL Page & Feed Images)

The Ultimate Guide on Facebook Dimensions (for ALL Page & Feed Images)

Here's an easy way to remember the ideal photo dimensions for all of your favorite social media sites.

Here's The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Social Media Images [Infographic


The Guide to Photo and Image Sizes on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and More [Infographic]

HootSuite Blog:6 skills that will make you more effective as a Social Media Professional  (image: Facebook cover photos dimensions)

A social media manager is the ultimate jack-of-all-trades. I've built a list of the top skills social media managers need to master.

The Essential Cheat Sheet for Social Media Cover Photo Dimensions

The Essential Cheat Sheet of Cover Photo Dimensions for Facebook, Twitter & More [Templates]

Pin this, so you always have #Facebook Photo Size Dimensions handy! #Infographic just updated for 2014. #FacebookMarketing

Infographic: Essential Facebook Photo Size Dimensions 2014

2015 #SocialMedia Image Sizes Guide via @makeuseof HT SetUpABlogToday

How To Choose An Image Size For Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, YouTube: Social Media Image Sizes: Everything You Need to Know - infographic

Social Media Image Dimension Guide for 2017 - infographic