Natsu, Luna Nashi Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia

Natsu and Asta want to cook for lucy because it's Mother day. but, those 2 fire wizards ended up burning their house lmao anyway, i wont be very active . Natsu and Asta cooking

NaLu's daughter..... what part of Lucy other than the facts she's a girl is there

fairy tail natsu (hope i spelled name right) i like how they took Natsu's scarf and used it to cover the chest area after they changed the gender from male to female cause natsu normally only has on the vest, no shirt, and a scarf around the neck.

Fairy Tail Next Generation. Luna Dragneel and Storm Fullbuster. I feel a ship coming on... StorNa maybe?

Fairy Tail - Storm and Nashi They aren't even born yet but I ship 'em XD

Nashi Dragneel-Pego no Twitter #nashi #lucy #natsu

Nashi Dragneel-Pego no Twitter #nashi #lucy #natsu