NALU, GRUVIA, GALE, JERZA, MIRAXUS, ELFGREEN, BIXANNA, ROWEN, LORIES, LYREDY and CAPPY :D <3<3<3 Then it should be ROKA (Rogue X Kagura) and STINGYU (Sting X Yukino) <3 I don't really ship is, LoLu, GrayLu, and NaLi >___<

So I draw MANY of Fairy Tail’s couples/pairings/ships/whatevs. I’ve been getting a lot of questions as to which ones I actually ship!

I'm not so sure about Mavis and Zeref just yet, but I love the others

Fairy Tail Ships: NaLu - GrUvia - GaLe - JeRza - Zeref x Mavis (sry dont no their ship name)

Manga Volume 534-(Lucy's problem. If only she didn't interfered.)

Fairy Tail Chapter 534 Reaction: Now that Jellal has thrown himself into the void, the big four all has death scares! (Gray is mad because he’s the only dude in the “I saw my lover dying” club.

Fairy Tail. (If this is anywhere close to true, thank God Natsu and Lisanna are far away from each other!)

My pairings their holding hands! Well, I don't actually ship Gray and Juvia, but still. How can you Not not ship Gruvia!