Bad Decisions – 20 books that will not help you to deal with your life

this isn't happiness™ (What we’re reading, Johan Deckmann), Peteski

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What is a wasabi plant? Wasabia japonica is a perennial brassica, native to the Japanese mountains. Semi-aquatic, wasabi grows in the wild alongside streams with large trees overhead that provide a canopy of shade.

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Drunken Noodle Recipe This recipe called for 2 14 oz. packs of rice noodles. You can cut it in half. I also subbed diced chicken for the ground chicken and was only able to find Serrano chiles at the store. My opinion is that it yielded 1 cup servings.

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15 Fake-Healthy Consumer Products - Page 9 | YourCareEverywhere

What's the #SushiDonut made of, you ask? Do-nut fret. Here's the inside scoop…

Sushi donuts exist, for some reason. A new trend in sushi is making them in .


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Johan Deckmann. How to hold your breath for so long that you wake up in heaven.

Bad Decisions – 20 livres qui ne vous aideront pas dans votre vie