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25 Stunning High Speed Photography examples and Tips for beginners

It is incredible what can make a human mind and camera together. It could be an amazing creation. One of these human mind and camera creations are slow motion pictures. Look below 29 amazing slow motion photography.

Photographier au stroboscope - VirusPhoto, apprendre la photo ensemble

In this photograph, blurred outlines and fast shapes are represented. The cards are stopped in air as if frozen in time. This photo captures the movement that was happening in real life when this shot was taken

fun - next camera will have super fast shutter speed, sports series function...look into reviews

The 10 best camera focus techniques

This one is cool because the lemon fell into the water and they captured the water splashing but kept it in focus.

How to photograph ink drops in water

How to photograph ink drops in water

a selection of different coloured inks, a medicine dropper or pipette, a fish tank or a large glass container a large piece of white paper or a soft box a strong light a camera with manual focus manually operated flash.

Jack Long uses extremely fast shutter speeds to freeze-frame liquids in motion - Telegraph

Jack Long uses extremely fast shutter speeds to freeze-frame liquids in motion

Fast shutter speed photo of a lighter.

Photography inspiration

It seems to be on a whim, but Jared pulls out a lighter. He holds a Lunar Government flag in front of him. He strikes the lighter and a bright flame blossoms from it. He holds the flame to the flag. It crumbles to black dust in his hand.

Fast shutter speed - gotta try this

Water Balloons Without The Balloons

Beautiful and creative photos of exploding water balloons captured by talented photographer Edward Horsford. Rubber balloons were filled with colored water. Then, each balloon was popped and photographed using high speed photography.

Using slow-motion photography would be interesting technique. It shows how much we actually don't see in our everyday lives, because it goes by too fast. - Emily

High Speed Photography is getting very popular day by day. High speed photography produces awesome results because of a relatively faster shutter speed.

Fast shutter speed

I chose to pin the this photo because it is a great example of shutter speed. It captures a fist going through water. I thought it was interesting because our naked eye wouldn't be able to pick up on the details presented in this photo.