Ha.  Not the awesome part but definitely the SLOW DOWN part.  Been too busy for months!

Well good morning friends or should I say good afternoon. I had a restless night and woke up feeling pretty crappy, so at my age and current health status I stayed home and slept in.

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Some things never change. She walked right back in the same woman's life who hurts her constantly. Don't forget all the lies and manipulative things she has done.

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No one who listened to your songs, heard your speak or sing or saw you interacting with children could ever forget you. You are unforgettable.

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Toxic to the core. Knowing he has multiple women on the side and one who won't leave no matter what he does makes him feel powerful. It's a true sickness. Makes me sick to my stomach.

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pain is when your slowly dying on the inside and your way too weak to speak about it, so you keep silent and suffer.alone.

We all have someone we never speak of. Someone who meant so much, that even breathing their name makes your soul tremble with memories and pain.

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