i like the way it's cut

by & to the circus! :D Lazer-kitty tshirt? Loving the feeling of having my piercing back (thanks to the lovely and talented and totally digging this haircut, courtesy of Uber-babe and :) Go do something awesome with your Saturday, people!

Ladies who have oval-shaped face, it is must for them to try this hair look of short hair Mohawk: 45 Voguish Mohawk Hairstyles for Women

45 Voguish Mohawk Hairstyles for Women

I think this is like a weird pompadour, but it kinda resembles a mohawk. and I really really miss my 'hawk!

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Hairstyles Trends Undercut cutting shaved + long that with a "fake" undercut is the case of Kristen Stewart. Hairstyles trends undercut for bob or long bob

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