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9 Signs You're Overthinking Your Screenplay

Signs You'e Overthinking Your Screenplay (+ Screenwriting Tips Infographic)

Introducing character names in a movie sucks. Screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin offer tips to make it suck less.

7 Ways to Introduce a Character's Name to the Audience That Don't Sound Fake

There are many film schools all over the world where aspiring filmmakers can learn how to hone their craft.

In this filmmaking article, indie producer Jason Brubaker provides you with tips for making a short film and what to do next.

I want make a shortfilm because being a filmmaker is my dream job.

DIY Filmmaker Tips Infographic

DIY Tips For The Low Budget Online Filmmaker [Infographic]

The DIY Filmmaker’s Toolkit - for the cash-strapped filmmaker who has the ambitious vison but lacks a Hollywood budget. The do-it-yourself guide to production and equipment and tools.

Get the first chapter of How Not to Make a Short Film free in this exclusive download.

Short Film Ideas: 7 Critical Tips & Free eBook

Kathy Berardi, filmmaking instructor and writer-producer, explains how making a short film will improve your screenwriting.

This graphic gives a very good step-by-step for video production. One of the most important things to do when in video production is to plan well: think about lighting, sound, etc. before you start taking the video. This graphic also gives some statistics to illustrate why good video quality is important.

Business Video Production Guide and Tips

25 filmmaking tips for aspiring filmmakers

25 Things about Filmmaking (tips I've learned)

25 filmmaking tips for aspiring filmmakers.No, I am not a filmmaker. I am a writer. & 1 of my genres is screenplay. But I need to be able to create film trailers for my storyboards (for pitching my screenplays).

A list of recommended books for student filmmakers | Filmmakers | Screenwriters visit  blog to read post

This is a good source of information, as it is aimed particularly at student filmmakers, and it also informs film students which books might be ideal to read, should you want to get inspired to make films.

Guide on How to Be A Better Screenwriter! Find more info by clicking through to the full post. screenwriter | filmmaking | writing | screenplay

Taking Yourself Seriously

Guide on How to Be A Better Screenwriter! Find more info by clicking through to the full post.