Finnian's Name - Black Butler

The name the young master gave me. You don't want to be subject 12 forever, do you? ~ Finnians name \\ Black Butler

Black Butler ~~ Ultra-sweet fanart! :: Flowers from Finnie by on @deviantART

All servants of the Phantomhive manor are fully capable of protecting the young master

That adorable little psychopath I love you

This was so creepy I wanted to scream when my poor finny baby got hurt

Finny - Black Butler SO CUTE Aww so kawaii i love this so much!

An Introduction to Anime and Manga

Black butler

Black butler

Finnian by on @DeviantArt

Lineart and coloring by - VermeilleRose Work in - SAI, Adobe Photoshop Finnian and Sieglinde belong to Yana Toboso Kuroshitsuji/Original art belongs.

Finny! - Finnian Photo (25464381) - Fanpop

Our Garden Together ~ Finny X Reader - Chapter 33 - (F/N)'s home - Page 1 - Wattpad

black butler 2 dog - Google Search

Dude, you have to see this

well Finny, Mey-Rin and Bardroy TRY to be innocent! It's not their faults that they're complete bakas!

Kuroshitsuji, Finnian, (

One of my favorite scenes from the show is when Sebastian hires him, promising money and comfort. Instead, Finny just desperately wants to go outside.