Fish activities for teaching all about fish in the kindergarten, first grade, and second grade classroom! You can easily integrate reading, writing, science, and research with this unit! Science made easy!!

Fish Unit: Fact Pages, Life Cycle, Interactive Notebook Pages, and More

do with one fish two fish

DR SUESS Blank Fishbowl Placemat-- so many activities you can do with one fish two fish red fish blue fish

Squarehead Teachers: Rainbow Fish Activities (1). Bubble wrap painting. So cool!

Fun way to use left over bubble wrap! Then use as stamp after! Rainbow fish bubble wrap prints ~ painting and printing with bubble wrap

These ocean themed counting mats are a great one to one correspondence activity for preschool!

Practice one to one correspondence with these free counting mats! (#1-20

Tales of Education at Home: How Fish Breathe - A Science Experiment

This week& Unit Study Roundup is on the theme of aquariums. We attend a monthly Science Club and one of the experiments or demonstrations .

If you look at everything on earth you can see pattern and order. Nothing looks like it was complied through random chance. Take 2 piles of blocks for example. 1 is scattered about, the other looks like a house. Which one was made through random chance? No one would say the house because we all …

Creation Story for Kids: Day 5 - Birds & Fish

This activity for "How do Fish breathe" is a good way to keep kids interested in learning more about a class pet or any sea life. Listening to the sounds of how fish breathe could fit under the physics part of the science curriculum.

Magic Marker Monday — One Fish, Two Fish… — 5 Minutes for Special Needs

Magic Marker Monday -- One Fish, Two Fish...

Can also be done with a foam mitten shape and snowman tissue paper, heart shape and butterfly shape! Always a favorite!

Fishing alphabet activity and dramatic play scene. A fun fish activity for kids!

Pretend Play Fishing Alphabet Activity

herecomethegirls: adapt idea for class book After we read the book I encouraged the girls to say what they would share. Molly wrote the answers down onto a shiny Rainbow Fish scale

The Rainbow Fish Activities for Early Years

Sharing Scale We could have each student make a fish, and then add their one shiny scale with the writing of what they would share on the front.

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister inspired activity - using play dough and sequins to re-create the story

The Rainbow Fish Play Dough Activity