Fix Flip Flops: Use bread tags to keep flip flops from coming apart.   Source: Instagram user ryan200

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Fix Flip Flops: Use bread tags to keep flip flops from coming apart. What a great idea!

Don't let the risk of sunburns and sand-covered tots stop you from hitting the beach as a family this summer. There's nothing a little shade, SPF and genius beach hacks can't fix. Read on to learn how to make beachin' with your baby a breeze.

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Use a fitted sheet to create a sand barrier for a sleeping or play area at the beach.

How to Fix Flip Flops  I my dog keeps eating the toe thong on all of mine.  Now I know how to fix them.

How to Fix Flip Flops

Summer is on the way, and when it's time to head to the beach, there's nothing worse than a busted flip flop! But with this How to Fix Flip Flops tutorial, you'll be beach side in no time!

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Check out  "Flip flops " Decalz  I really like this idea.  A lot of cord/braided leather flip flops tend to hurt my feet.  This seems like a perfect and pretty way to fix that.  Must try!!!!!

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Hello One can definitely be forgiven for a seemingly sluggish start to the year. have been very absorbed by mummy world, amplified by .

You'll Never Guess This Trick For Fixing a Broken Flip-Flop . . ./Use the plastic clasp from a bag of bread to fix a broken flip-flop. SEE VIDEO.

How to Fix a Broken Flip-Flop

Fix a Broken Flip-Flop . With a Loaf of Bread? (Wish I had known this last year when my flip flops broke while travelling in Singapore and I had to hobble around trying to find size 10 replacements!

Use a bread clip to (temporarily) fix flip-flops that have split open too far.  (PS- we call them slippers where I'm from, but whatever)

LPT: Use bread clips to save flip-flops with split holes.

Tip / Trick / Life Hack: Bread clips could salvage broken flip-flops.

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Blew out my Flip Flop.....use a bread clasp to fix.  ***Parrotheads enjoy!!***

Blew out my Flip Flop.use a bread clasp to fix.)*** Blew out my Flip Flop.use a bread clasp to fix.)*** Blew out my Flip Flop.use a bread clasp to fix.