This will forever be my favorite Coldplay song. Probably because Chris wrote it for his wife when she was going through a rough time and all he wanted to do was fix it for her.

Chris Martin of Coldplay wrote this song for his wife Gwyneth Paltrow after her father died. He wasn't sure what to say to comfort her so her sat down and sang to her softly as she cried

coldplay-fix you. i actually dedicated this song to someone who said "no one can fix me." i tried, and he walked away. no one can fix you if you enjoy being broken.

Fix You - Coldplay . every beloved fictional character who was killed iff by authirs too tired of them or theough batural story peogression. ~ Cold Play Lyrics ~ Fix You ~ Amazing thought!

So you probably have heard Coldplay's 'Fix You' at some point in your life.

Coldplay - Fix You So. I've been on this crazy song playing streak. Got this song down on guitar, now I want to learn it on piano.

Inspiration for "Fix You"- Coldplay.this is too perfect and sweet. I love that song.

thelovenotebook: Everything Love (wonder / wander)

Lights will guide you home And ignite your bones I will try to fix you" -Coldplay

Which Coldplay Song is actually written for you?

punk-chicken-radio — coldplay - fix you -ax and ~PM (i can’t believe.