now this one is a bit more complicated. the riccaso is made in such a way that it protects the wielder from the flames and thats great, but its guard it too robust, and would add a unnecessary weight. the blade's profile is not perfect, its a more of a cleaver than a cutter, but that just means you have to use it in a different style.

Cole can control his jumping sword in a different kingdom even though he's not supposed to be able to. He has a weird shaping power until Morgassa separated it from him, now he has to figure out how to get it back.

Celaena, Crown of Midnight

Clary with a badass sword! terriblenerd: I got totally distracted by silly things today, so we’re a little late tonight, but here’s a Clary a la Glorious. Or she could be holding her sword after it's full of heavenly fire

+1 Sword: Flametongue; adds fire damage to successful attacks

Agents carry around firey swords but hardly use them except when it's an emergency.

The English Emblem Book Project - Autor ego audendi ('I am the author of being bold') -- gorgeous image!

The English Emblem Book Project - Autor ego audendi ('I am the author of being bold') -- gorgeous image!

Fire spinning. I miss doing this. I would like to buy a fire staff and start again.

30+ Captivating Fire Dancing Photos

fire masamune photography: an article about photographing fire performance. think this is the only fire hoop in the set but I could be wrong about that.

Edwin Howland Blashfield

"Edwin Howland Blashfield"

colourthysoul: “ Edwinn H. Blashfield - Angel with the flaming sword ”

Amaranthine Reverie

The wonderful digital art of Nuare Studio Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop: Characters

Flaming Sword & Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman on

"I have borrowed Aziraphale's flaming sword to let you know that Good Omens starts on Dec on BBC Radio Look!" > Pratchett misc now includes Neil GAiman apparently

Paladin - Character design by DiegoVila

m Paladin Platemail Armor Sheild Cloak Flaming Sword Eye Patch LE urban City - Character design by DiegoVila