Grid services key to making solar-plus-flow batteries economical, manufacturer claims

Flow Battery Breakthrough May Boost Green Energy Storage (Video)

Now that a Harvard team has found a way to produce them more cheaply, flow batteries could one day become key to storing the random energy produced from solar and wind power.

Harvard researchers have developed a novel flow battery and confirm the future potential of this technology.

The Chemistry Behind The Battery That Could Outperform Tesla's Powerwall

World's Biggest Grid-Scale Battery Will Be In German Salt Mine

EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Flow Battery Market Report energy_QYResearch Market Reports

PNNL's high performance zinc-polyiodide flow battery approaches the performance of some lithium-ion batteries (Image: PNNL)

Vanadium-Flow Batteries: The Energy Storage Breakthrough We've Needed

V-flow batteries are fully containerized, nonflammable, reusable batteries, using 100% of the energy stored. Presently, the largest V-flow battery is a 2MW/8MWh installed at the SnoPUD Everett Substation in Washington State, but the V-flow battery system being constructed in Sicily will be 24MW/96MWh. Source: UET

North America Flow Battery Market Forecast 2018-2023

Battered and bruised by natural gas and renewable energy, King Coal is facing a lethal new energy storage foe: next-generation flow batteries.

New “aqueous solar flow” battery 20 percent more efficient than today’s lithium-iodine batteries

Zinc-polyiodide flow battery packs in twice the energy without using corrosive acids

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