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The lotus flower represents overcoming a hard time, and rebirth over difficulties, perfection. The butterfly would represent new opportunities

Stencils for home decor and diy. Chrysanthemum Flower stencil. Reusable wall stencil design from The Stencil Studio

Stencils - Quill Chrysanthemum Flower Stencil - reusable wall stencil is perfect for home crafts and decorating projects. See more wall stencils at The Stencil Studio

Large Sunflowers Stencil

Large Sunflowers Stencil Lippi Lippi Rahye I thought of you. Would this make a fun old time garden sign?


STENCIL for Walls - Chrysanthemum no. 2 - Flower stencil for Walls - Reusable Modern Wall Decor. I would like this if idid more than one flower .