Launching in Milan this week as part of the LOCAL MILAN EXHIBITION (at the Teatro Arsenale) is Canberra based designer Tom Skeehan's HUP HUP folding chair. 3 years in development it has certainly been worth the wait!

Assignment (using cardboard) Bamboo Folding Chair / Christian Desile. Opens for a sturdy seat, stores flat. Bonus points if it becomes a rocking chair!

David Irwin's re-imagining of the wooden folding chair at the 2015 ICFF is so contemporary, comfortable and elegant, you won't want to hide it in the closet

Creative chair designed by Mr. When it folded use as high chair or stool chair, when spread then regular seat height.

Transformer Furniture in Iceland: The Sóley Chair By Valdimar Hardarson

The Flipp chair is aptly named for the process in which it folds. Simply flip down the seat and voila! You’ve got a seat that’s as stylish as it is storable. The three-legged design is unexpected yet highly functional with its back leg being an integr

Elephant Terai Folding Chair

Why didn't Anthro have THESE 6 years ago? I have 4 Terai folding chairs from 2010 in different colors Kantha fabrics.

Product/Industrial Design Inspiration

“Oyster” chair is a lovely foldable felted seat that is intended to bring a touch of cosiness to sleek, contemporary furniture. When folded up the Oyster acts as neat little cushion.

German designer Malte Grieb has created the folding stool called Fläpps for his brand Ambivalenz. When folded the Fläpps chair is thick, and