Nutrition bulletin board

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Starbucks is my favorite! Love this theme for a bulletin board.

I've taught several grades from Kindergarten to grade Math. Each grade had something I enjoyed about it, however my favorite grade leve.

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Classroom Doors, Bulletin Boards Part 2

Nice idea for nutrition. Maybe have the kids bring in pictures of food or magazine clippings? News paper clippings? Drawn pictures of their food examples and put it on the Traffic Light!

PEC: Bulletin Boards for Physical Education whoa: food to eat once in awhile. slow: food to eay some of the time. go: food to eat all the time.

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I love this bulletin board---Have students bring in any food box or item to hang up on the board, then have them figure out in coins how much each costs. This is very helpful for young students who are just learning about the value of money.