Young, Single, And Adopting: What to do the FIRST night! - hate the idea of checking for bugs/lice but it's a good idea and there are good & tactful ways to do this step discussed in the article. Make sure kids know they're safe. Show them you locking doors/windows etc. Ask about a light at night. I like to call them "mini lamps". Makes kids feel less childish and self conscious about using them.

What to do the first night of foster placement. Foster families, foster care, foster children, homes

Try these 13 Phrases to Calm Your Anxious Child | Lemon Lime Adventures raising children, kids, #kids parenting

13 Powerful Phrases Proven to Help an Anxious Child Calm Down

Foster Care Placement Call Question List - Becoming a Foster Parent blog

Placement Calls – Questions to Ask

I am currently brainstorming questions for when I receive my first placement calls. I would love input from people who have gone through the blur and excitement of the first calls. My Home Study wo…

This free printable Homestudy checklist for adoption and foster care will make gathering documentation easier.

Home Study Checklist for Adoption and Foster Care

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A list of questions to ask caseworkers when considering a potential foster care placement. #fostercare #adoption

My friend Diedra recently asked me what questions I would suggest asking a caseworker when considering a potential foster care placement. Years ago I actually came up with a list which I hand wrote…

Foster care can provide free or almost free adoption. Here's 5 reasons to consider foster care.

5 Reasons to Consider Foster Care

Surprising stats - 1 in 184 children in the US are in the foster care system. of foster youth experience homelessness within the first four years of leaving the system.

No one is perfect, but the important thing is to care about the children and learn from your mistakes. Read more, on Babble.

6 Mistakes I've Made as a Foster Parent

Parents made headlines after giving out gift bags to fellow passengers to apologize in advance for their crying baby. Emma Waverman thinks this is a bad idea.

Setting up a Bedroom for a Child in Foster Care

When a person decides to become a foster parent, they often wonder the best way of setting up a bedroom for foster care. Waiting for the call is tough, and shopping and painting and all the decorat…

There are no guarantees in foster care, except one - God is sovereign. Foster care is a beautiful expression of the Gospel. It demands a selfless, costly and potentially painful love, for the sake of a child gaining much as you willingly give all.

The Sovereignty of God in Foster Care

The Sovereignty of God in Foster Care//Reflections of a foster father "Foster care is a beautiful expression of the Gospel. It demands a selfless, costly and potentially painful love, for the sake of a child gaining much as you willingly give all.

Wishlist Foster Care

Wishlist Foster CareTap the link to check out great fidgets and sensory toys. Happy Hands make Happy People!

"The first few weeks are very challenging; controlling the environment is critical." | Caregiver tips when caring for baby with prenatal drug exposure

Caring for Baby with Prenatal Drug Exposure

An Open Letter to Friends & Family (I especially like the article they link to in their letter. For some reason, that site doesn't allow pinning.)

THANK YOU so much to Jan, Chrystal, and Anie for hosting a beautiful foster shower for us this evening! Thank you to everyone who braved the.

Working Parents and Foster Care - Can I Be a Foster Parent and Still Work Outside the Home? #fostermom #fostercare #WOHM #workingmom

People often email and ask for tips on how I made being a working foster mom possible. Like so many things with foster care, the resources available to working foster parents vary a ton from state to state and agency to agency. We found our agency to be e