Bones (@bonesspanekk): “i'm a silver fox now!!!  ”

Grey hair isn't just for grannies anymore – it's for the young and sophisticated. Trend-setting girls and boys everywhere are gravitating towards this unique

We have a Fox Cowl Free Pattern as one of the fantastic ideas that you will find in our Crochet and Knitted Cowl Post. Check out all the Patterns now.

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Crochet & Knitted Fox Cowl Pattern : These Crochet and Knitted Cowls are so cute and chic ! They are perfect for keeping warm in the cold winter.

When we first started this site it was birds. Then owls. Then foxes. Now, neck-in-neck with the fox, the cutest animal trend to emerge...

15 of the absolute cutest hedgehog gifts, all handmade

The hedgehog things make a great alternative to the squirrel things. 15 of the absolute cutest hedgehog gifts, all handmade.

Pet Fox Becomes Best Friends With A Dog------ WELP now I want a pet fox. That fox looks like the silliest of companions and he would fit right in at my house!

Pet Fox Becomes Best Friends With A Dog

I have both a graph cross stitch pattern and in-depth video tutorial to help you with this technique but it is really quite simple - cross stitch using a tapestry needle over your single crochet stitches!  Now I'd like to offer a little written explanation - I am NOT a cross stitcher. Yes I have taken a crack at the Aida cloth and thread before but I am no pro. Like not even a little. Not even a smidge. I'm still in the beginner poking myself with the needle stage of cross stitching. Send…

How to Cross Stitch on Crochet & Parker's Fox Pillow

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