Freddie Mercury, only the good die young :(

Freddie Mercury, only the good die young, I chose this because he inspired many people to come out gay. My magazine is for all people.

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This has all the good things....Freddie, a BTTF and Star Wars's so 80s

The Queen Comic You Won't Forget

Fahrenheit - 15 days ago - Happy 'Forever Alone Day'! Queen - Freddy Mercury by pablostanley

Freddie Mercury

Singer Freddie Mercury dressed as a King during a performance with his group Queen at Wembley Stadium in London, July (Photo by Dave Hogan:Getty Images)

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Freddie with Barbara Valentin this night when Fred wrote song about his cat Delilah. Barbara bought him pijamas and nightcap in Miki & Minnie when they came back from Mountain Studios in They were also there, Jim and Joe.

Freddie Mercury

Singer Freddie Mercury - performing with British rock group Queen in the UK,

Freddie Mercury. Talent unmatched. It's a shame his life was cut short.

Queen & Freddie Mercury posters: Queen poster featuring Freddie Mercury live on stage at Wembley. This Queen poster shows Freddie on stage in trademark stage outfit in mid song.