Not thought to put a little section back. Makes it so much easier to braid my own hair!

French Braid - never though of doing a small ponytail to start with

The Classic French Braid Tutorial.I've never thought of using a rubberband at the top! I wonder if the rubberband at the top will help?

Hasta la mitad de la trenza francesa Corona // #corona #francesa #hasta #mitad #trenza

Hasta la mitad de la trenza francesa Corona

It’s time to change up your look and learn a new hairstyle that is perfect for any season! Today I am partnering with Sally Beauty to share with you how you can easily create these everyday curls along with this pretty half up french braid…

Black Natural French Braids | stand-out style: double french braids (video)

Stand-Out Style: Double French Braids (Video

This is where the dutch braid come in handy. The dutch braid is a protective hairstyles that looks hard but is actually quite easy to accomplish.

Fancy French braids? Want  to know how to french braid your hair? French braids are very easy  to do on someone else's hair but can be tricky when an attempt to do on your  own because you won’t be able to see anything, so it is a bit tricky. French braids tutorial, French braids step by step, French braids short hair, French braids black hair.

Easy Tutorial Ever To French Braid Your Hair For A Glamorous Look

Hairstyles for wet hair: 3 simple braid tutorials you can wear in wet hair (Hair Romance) - SofistyHairStyle

How to Do Two French Braids on the Side of Your Head

How to Do Two French Braids on the Side of Your Head

Creating two French braids on the sides of your head may sound like a project for a hair artist, but it really is not. French braid pigtails are actually simpler to create than.

French Braid Ponytail |

French Braid Fauxhawk Mohawk Ponytail - French braid back to right above the base of your neck, then secure with a ponytail holder.

Do It Yourself - Maria Menounos' Face-Framing French Braid

Maria Menounos' Face-Framing French Braid


13 Beautiful Braided Hairstyles With Tutorials

Latest Adorable Hairstyles for Little Girls Cute hairstyles for girls are the fastest changing sector of hair-fashion so if you havent checked whats new for

Half-Up Side French Braid | Hairstyles and Beauty Tips

15 Braided Bangs Tutorials: Cute, Easy Hairstyles

Half-up side french braid tutorial: she makes it look like a french braid! This looks really cool on sun-bleached hair! summer hair tutorials, braids for summer, braid half-up