Gooey Hot Fudge Sauce-  This gooey hot fudge sauce recipe is about the best one I've ever tried, and I've tried a LOT. It's perfect on ice cream, especially warm, but it's also really good for dipping cookies.       Ingredients   •2 cups (12 ounces) semisweet chocolate chips   •2 tablespoons butter   •1/2 cup half-and-half   •1 tablespoon corn syrup   •1/8 teaspoon salt   •1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Gooey Hot Fudge Sauce

I took this Ambrosia Fresh Fruit Salad to a pot luck and it was the first thing gone! So simple, fresh and easy! I will definitely be making over and over again!

Ambrosia Fresh Fruit Salad

Ambrosia Fresh Fruit Salad is a delightful blend of fresh fruits and mini marshmallows in a light and fluffy dressing.

A contest winning quick & easy Ambrosia Fruit Salad with this high of ratings = Winner Winner Christmas Dinner!

Quick Ambrosia Fruit Salad

Quick Ambrosia Fruit Salad Recipe -I start this with plenty of fruit, add the yogurt for dressing, then mix in just enough marshmallows and coconut so it tastes like the fresh and creamy…

Here's a delightful make-ahead salad that serves eight. With marshmallows in the mix, kids will gobble it up! Make it your way with the variation below.

Creamy Overnight Fruit Salad

Pudding Fruit Salad - Complete in 20 minutes, this creamy concoction will complement any summer meal.

From backyard container gardens to CSA boxes that runneth over, we’re suddenly, happily, inundated with fresh produce. It begets the classic summer conundrum, though: what to do with this inf…

Variations on a Theme: Summer Tomatoes Three Ways

“ Variations on a Theme: Summer Tomatoes Three Ways From backyard container gardens to CSA boxes that runneth over, we’re suddenly… > ” Variations on a Theme: Summer Tomatoes Three Ways From backyard.

Easy Apple Salad Recipe

Simple salad with just apples and pineapple to give it a sweet fruity taste. This is a nice make ahead salad with a creamy dressing sweetened by the mixture of whipping cream and marshmallows.

Apple Pomegranate Salad Recipe on Yummly. @yummly #recipe

Jazz up that fruit salad recipe with this Apple Pomegranate Salad recipe. It includes sweetened whipped cream, apples, marshmallows and pecans- making it the perfect side dish to serve at Easter with your family!

FLUFFY CRANBERRY MOUSSE - strawberry gelatin, crushed pineapple, whole-berry cranberry sauce, grated lemon peel, nutmeg, Sour Cream and chopped pecans

Fluffy Cranberry Mousse

Taste of Home Jello Salad Recipes - Looking for jello salad recipes? Find delicious jello salad recipes for your meals including orange and strawberry jello salads, jello fruit salads, and more jello salad recipes and ideas.

This collection of recipes is meant to serve as a resource to help you find some awesome Jell-O recipes from many different bloggers! These photos belong to different bloggers and are not mine. I have compiled them here to create a visual index of their recipes. Please take the time to pin individual images from …

75 Jell-O and Pudding Desserts

STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE SALAD: 12 oz whipped topping, 1 small pkg cheesecake pudding, 3 oz) strawberry yogurt, 1 lb fresh strawberries 3 bananas, miniature marshmallows (optional) mix and serve

Fruit Salad with Cream Cheese-Pecan Topping on

Fruit Salad With Cream Cheese-Pecan Topping

Paula Deen Fruit Salad with Cream Cheese-Pecan Topping.maybe Greek yogurt instead of cream cheese!

Creamy Hawaiian Fruit Salad recipe. This is made temple friendly by omitting the marshmallows and substituting sour cream with soy yogurt . I also used cuties instead of oranges but that is just personal preference. Oh yes and use the fresh unsweetened coconut you can get in the bulk section of your grocers!

Add tropical flavor to this refreshing Hawaiian fruit salad. This Creamy Hawaiian Fruit Salad features banana, pineapple, mini marshmallows & sour cream.

Strawberry Yogurt Cupcakes – A Virtual Baby Shower for Ally

Strawberry Yogurt Cupcakes – A Virtual Baby Shower for Ally (Simplify, Live, Love)

Now that I'm moving back to MN I need to update my Jello recipes... :)

Strawberry Gelatin Dessert

Strawberry Gelatin Dessert Recipe -"I love desserts and strawberries, so I try to combine the two whenever possible," says Virginia Myers of Altamont, Illinois. "This light fluffy gelatin treat goes over well whenever I serve it.