Fufu - Ghana's national dish and a personal favourite of Robert Quansah our…

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Ogbono Okra soup is a popular Nigerian soup made with melon seeds (Ogbono seeds). Ogbono Okra soup is simply Ogbono soup with Okra incorporated

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10 Remarkable Animals that Start with the Letter F

Nigerian Food Recipes TV| Nigerian Food blog, Nigerian Cuisine, Nigerian Food TV, African Food Blog: How to Cook Nigerian Egusi Soup with bitter leaf (Ofe Egusi/Obe Efo Elegusi)

Egusi soup (Obe Efo Elegusi) is a popular Nigerian soup made with melon seeds. Learn how to make Nigerian Egusi soup with bitter leaf (Obe Efo Elegusi)

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Nigerian foods are spicy just like any other country of hot climate. Green and carbs-enriched vegetables pursued with rice are incorporated in every dish.

la soupe aux choux louis de funes et jean carmet

Louis de Funès and Jean Carmet in La Soupe aux choux by Jean Girault, 1981

17th century Calligraphy from Germany | The Public Domain Review

A century German book on the art of writing. A great range of different styles are represented seemingly increasing in elaborateness, and also illegibility, as the book goes on.