31 Funny Maps Of National Stereotypes And How People View The World

(I'm an American teenager) no, this is quite literally the first time I have seen a map oriented this way. I'm very confused.

Really America? I thought all countries split theory map in the Pacific Ocean. Like it's not only the Canadians, Swedish maps too and probably more countries

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Draw Dungeons like Dyson

10 Signs You're From Jersey

10 Signs You're From Jersey

Farms, Ghetto White People, Philly Trash and Army Bases, NJ . The land of no left turns. oh except for the "guido's in white tank tops". That one they nailed on the head.

Hier is het gezicht verkreukeld en tot het beeld van een kaart verwerkt, waarschijnlijk was/is deze persoon een reiziger of hij/zij houdt van reizen.

Portraits On Maps

funny-maps-portrait-painting-faces-texturess maybe im a fangirl but this reminds me of Gaea in the heroes of Olympus series

Haha. International stereotypes-Europe and the U.S..This is probably so true. I don't think of Germanic countries as Nazi land though, that's a little dated, people ! My French teacher told us that French people at least think we all wear cowboy hats and live on farms.

Intercontinental Stereotypes

How America Sees Europe vs How Europe Sees America: Europe as seen by Americans vs America as seen by Europeans. Mother Russia is everything in Europe and Texas

This very funny map shows what Vladimir Putin really thinks of Europe - Vox:

Putin's stereotypes of Europe, mapped

Europe According to Vladimir Putin from the Mapping Stereotypes project by Yanko Tsvetkov. The map will appear in the upcoming third volume of the Atlas of Prejudice book series.

MAPS | a journey around the world in picturesArt and design inspiration from around the world – CreativeRoots


Holland Illustrated Map, cognitive map of Holland, natural and environmental aspects

How the World Map Looks Wildly Different Than You Think - YouTube

Ever wondered which is the happiest country or which alcohol beverage is the most popular around the world? Find out with these 32 fun and educational maps

For all you map maker Imgurites, this post is for you...

For all you map maker Imgurites, this post is for you...