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Placing blame in marriage is like saying, "Your side of the boat is sinking" - Hank Smith ~ God is Heart

What's The Best Relationship Advice You've Ever Gotten?

The EX Factor - Whats The Best Relationship Advice Youve Ever Gotten? - The Comprehensive Guide To Getting Your EX Back

Fitness Fun - Marriage Tip #17: Women are less dangerous when they have chocolate in their mouth. #Fitness #Fun

Marriage Tips from Dating Divas - Marriage Tip If duct tape won’t fix it, then chocolate probably will.

Great point. Can't stand when people who says it's the end when you get married. Funny how it always come from ppl who still aren't happy even without being married.

"Great marriages are contagious. If you want a great marriage, surround yourself with couples who have one." So true. We are very lucky to be surrounded by such great couples!

You know who you are!

12 Comedian Quotes to Help You Laugh Through Relationship Hiccups

"Before you marry a person you should first make them use a computer with slow Internet to see who they really are." - Will Ferrell Well isnt that the truth

Inspirational Quotes // "Admit when you're wrong. Shut up when you're right." - John Gottman

10 Inspirational Quotes Of The Day (794)

"Admit when you're wrong. Shut up when you're right." -John Gottman (This man knows a LOT about what helps - and what hurts - relationships. He's done tons of research on it, read his stuff it's amazing.