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For all the nurses who have said "not on my shift" or "if you see a light, stay away from it" as you parked the crash cart outside the patient's room. Shout out to all my CI peeps :)

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I'm sorry to be the one to have to tell you this. You have one of the most severe cases of terminal stupidity I have ever diagnosed. There is no cure. Omg I have a few people I can diagnose

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Rottenecards - Nurses: Saving lives, educating the ignorant and being nice to the idiots.

Haha! So funny how true this is!

Cops & military also one night after drill State of emergency but I was determined to make it home took 4 hours but I made it safely

Nursing: when you're not sure whether it's Saturday or Tuesday.

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Free and Funny Nurses Week Ecard: Please excuse me while I go put my nurse face on before I deal with this clusterfuck of a situation.

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