You sure can't! Mirrored images, selfies, lingerie shots, etc are not only ugly on the outside you're ugly on the inside

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Image result for the realest rebel quotes

Funny Selfie Quotes | selfie,quotes,funny,women

They say people who take a selfie everyday are insecure and looking for people to comment to make themselves feel better.

"I’m single but I ignore people like I’m taken."

12 Sassy Quotes For When You're Single AF — But Loving It

Being single can be a GREAT thing (and maybe sometimes NOT so great). It all really depends on your attitude. So to help you boost your fab points, here are 12 sassy quotes to show you that it's not so bad to be single.

I whisper " what the fuck " to myself at least 20 times a day

Grown ass ppl actin like children how? How am i more fucking resonable, respectful, & reasonable than 50 sumthing year old. They can print a god dam gossip column.