"A certain darkness is needed to see the stars." -Osho - I just adored making…

Mindblowing works by Mindy Darling, but you can actually do this yourself! For this galaxy part just print out a picture of a galaxy, cut it to that shape, draw the girl, and you are good to go!

I really wish I could drink this and be the ultimate ruler of the universe! <3 coffee!

Galaxy Art—but like? Odd is galaxies? They made him and his guests this delicious galaxy tea?

Hermoso ❤ !                                                       …

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I really like/enjoy this picture because, i like how it shows the sky in a galaxy form specially cause i like/love galaxy things. Another thing that i like about this drawing isthe trees in between the galaxy sky.

I’m not sure where or why this started, but somehow, galaxy print became super popular. I mean, okay, that’s not entirely true – I can see why it’s happening. Galaxy print, with all of its pretty, perfectly blended blues and purples and blacks, and the addition of shimmery stars or constellations, is just really aesthetically pleasing. It seems like it’s not very accessible, but you would be surprised at how galaxy print can make almost anything look better.

20 Gorgeous Galaxy Print DIY Projects You Didn't Know You Needed