I love Gardenias. One of the best smelling flowers. We had gardenia's in our garden last year and it was lovely.

How to Grow Gardenias in Arizona

Gardenia Bush -my favorite Southern flower. I sat on my grandmom's small porch which was sandwiched in the middle of two big Gardenia bushes.

No plant expresses the grace of the South better than the fragrant gardenia. This lovely white flower explodes its surroundings with its sweet aroma. Lovely in bridal bouquets or flower arrangements. Pretty with lily of the valleys, too.

Gardenia Planting Guide

Gardenia one of my favorite. I carried Gardenias on a prayer book for my wedding.as well as silk Gardenias were scattered on my full length wedding veil.

We love, love, love, the simple and sophisticated structure of the beautiful gardenia flower and it's amazing fragrance. It is a family favorite as well - loved by our mom!

My favorite, gardenia! The only flower tattoo I would ever get The smell makes me feel calm

Caring For Your Gardenias Plant gardenias where they will get morning sun and afternoon shade. Good air circulation is a must. Gardenias prefer moist, acid soil with good drainage & lots of organic matter. When planting, set the root-ball about 1" higher than the surrounding soil. Gently taper the soil up to the top of the exposed root-ball. Mulch. Pests (whiteflies, scales, & mealybugs). can be a problem. Control by applying a light horticultural oil to prevent sooty mold.

Caring For Your Gardenias Plant gardenias where they will get morning sun and…

gardenia bush/hedge. This might be a nice replacement for those rosebushes under the windows next to the house...:

This might be a nice replacement for those rosebushes under the windows next to the house.


Top 10 of The Most Fragrant Flowers in The World

Everblooming Gardenia - Highly prized for the profusion of sweetly fragrant blooms, excellent for cut flowers. Beautiful specimen, its upright branches are covered with glossy foliage.

Gardenias are generally found outdoors in southern regions and are admired for their glossy green foliage and fragrant blossoms. These beautiful plants are grown as ornamental shrubs in warm regions and as patio plants that are brought indoors in cooler areas. However, gardenias are tricky plants that are very particular about their growing conditions and require some consistent maintenance in order to keep happy and beautiful. Many people give up on gardenias because of their finicky…

Includes: basic gardenia care and growth requirements, outdoor gardenia care, avoid common gardenia pests, and beautiful blooms are your reward.

A list of cuttings: Weigelia Buddleia Roses (all types) Forsythia Hydrangea Mock Orange Flowering Quince Wisteria Spirea Abelia False Indigo Artemesia Phlox Catmint Rosemary Hibiscus (all types) Tomatoes Gardenia Chrysanthemum Crape Myrtle Burning Bush Euonymus Verbena Boxwood Balloon Flower Ligustrum Loropetalum Salvia Lavender Candytuft Leyland Cypress Many types of Juniper and False Cypress I have at least 50% success.

gardenia: Aakriti Tayal "A White Gardenia." A White Gardenia. If I sent you a white gardenia, What would you think? Would you understand its complex beauty or simply cast it aside as pretty?