Ginny Weasley | Bonnie is a great actress and I absolutely love her as Ginny, but they failed to put the emphasis on Ginny in the movies like they did in the books.

I liked Bonnie as an actress but the movies just didn't do Ginny justice! Ginny in the books is amazing & there is actually a reason Harry falls for her!

Day 11: Ginny Weasley. She lived her whole life in the shadow of her older siblings, like me, and would do a lot just to get attention (the diary). I don't know, I just feel like I can relate to her easily.

Ginny Weasley Evolution<<<<<<<<<she's making the same face in the first and last one lol

Ginny Weasley, I've always imagined her like this but I loved her better in the book because she was tougher and funnier because of her brothers.

I'm Ginny Weasley the only girl my mom ever had. Incase you didn't know my crush is Harry Potter.

Don't underestimate the small girls just because they're small. Or girls. :)

Don't underestimate the small girls just because they're small. Or girls. :) ~°~ Damn I wish book Ginny was also movie Ginny :/ I still don't like her with Harry but I do like her character more.

I'm okay with MovieGinny's looks (except she needs more freckles). Just wish she had acted more sassy, like BookGinny

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In my opinion, book Ginny was better than movie Ginny, but movie Ginny was good and Bonnie portrayed her well. She's still more bad-ass than many female characters on screen.

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The Weasley family makes up like, half of the Order. I mean, just glance at it. You seen all ginger.