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Some pretty flower business that wraps around the arm, shoulder and chest. Done by Rachelle Carroll Ascending Lotus Tattoo Vancouver, WA

25 Sensational Girl Shoulder Tattoos

Girl shoulder tattoos come in various shapes and designs. On the one hand you have soft and lovely designs like flowers, cartoon characters, birds, hearts etc.

Minimal Fibonacci Shape by Bicem Sinik - PairodiceTattoos.com

you& be surprised how beautiful dots and lines can be when combined to make some stunning tattoo designs! Turkish artist, Bicem Sinik has taken two simple forms to create some unique minimalistic tattoos. Bicem is very fond of

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Someone may decide on these tattoo designs to represent their struggles previously and the way they overcame them. Sleeve tattoos are a few of the versatile tattoos, with good scope of experimenting with different designs and colours.

Feminine+Shark+Tattoo | Girls Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Women 2 #flowertattoosonback

Feminine+Shark+Tattoo | Girls Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Women 2 #flowertattoosonback

Girl Shoulder Tattoos

A large rose tattoo which combines 3 beautifully designed roses. This might be a great example if you like a big and colorful rose tattoo.