Galaxy in a Jar: add water, food coloring, glitter, and cotton!

Here's some really cool Tumlr inspired bedroom decor ideas for you up and coming hipsters! From donut mats to melon clocks - your room will definitely be the

How To Make Fairies In A Jar     1. Cut a glow stick and shake the contents into a jar.   2. Add diamond glitter   3. Seal the top   4. Shake hard

All you need to create these fantastic looking night lanterns is some jars, glow stick and diamond glitter. The process is as easy as it can be – open the jar, shake the content of the glow stick in (Bottle Lights Glow Sticks)

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DIY Fairy Jar tutorial, Capture a fairy!

I read the article and I have found the recipe to make this fairy jar is easy. You just need a mason jar, glitter, glow sticks and a serrated knife. I think it's a good idea!

This is so neat. U can do this by putting glitter and glow sticks together in a jar and shaking the jar up. Great idea for parties.

How to: Make Glowing Firefly Jars

Do It Yourself: make a glowing jar for Christmas. from panka with love: Glowing jar project - varázslat a lakásban (EN/HU)

Three colored glowing jars

How To: Start Fires in Style with a Glass Matchjar, Plus 9 More Clever Uses for Mason Jars

Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects: How to make Glowing Celestial Mason jars - need paint brushes, glow in the dark paint, glue that drys clear, glitter, any size jars or glass containers

Create your own colorful DIY The BFG Dream Jars with a few simple steps! #DreamJars #TheBFG #DIY

DIY BFG Dream Jars Tutorial – Make your very own BFG Dream Jars with this easy tutorial. You just need some paint, jars, cotton, and glitter!

glow in the dark mason jars crafts | the Glue and Glitter and Epsom Salt is OPTIONAL

Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects: How to make Glowing Celestial Mason jars. Oooh, another use for all the glow paint I am going to buy!

It can be hard for kids to decompress or calm-down for bedtime.   We have a collection of Go-to Sleep activities that are perfect for kids growing out of afternoon naps, but who still need some “down time” activities, but we don’t have something for bedtime. Bedtime is not the time for play, for toys, …


help kids sleep with a glowing bed time calming bottle Durable plastic bottle Hair Gel – nearly full bottle. Glitter Glue – a squirt. Glow in the dark paint – a squirt. Super Glue Glow-in-the-dark mini stars.

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Great idea instead of a night light! STARS IN JARS! (Glow paint splattered inside mason jars)So great for a kids room as a night light or even just for a fun spend the night party

How to make this? Glow in the dark paint in glitter medium perhaps?

DIY Alice in Wonderland Drink Me Bottles. Step the jar with water step break the glow stick and pour it into the water Step add pink sparkles and DONE!

Easy DIY Projects for Kids To Make At Home - DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lights Craft Idea at

DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lights

DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lights Materials: Jar (any clean jar will do) Glow in the Dark Paint (use several colors if you can) Paintbrushes (preferably longer ones that reach to the bottom of your jar) Scrap Paper White School Glue (optional) Glitter (optional)


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Glitter Glow Pumpkins {Martha Stewart Glow Glitter Review & Craft}

Glow in the dark glitter. Glue onto pumpkin - shows up white during the day, glows at night--use for wooden cross craft. Have kids paint in bright colors, then sprinkle this on top