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Model, Photo, Mua Darya Goncharova Circlet & Ring Mystic Thread Welcome to Gothic and Amazing |

Fallon - being dressed in the royal gear of Havens Court. (it is complete Vic-asthetic which is amazing)

? ? ??.?.??.?.??.?.??.???Please come along have a look round my website see what you think and maybe leave a comment or like a few posts thanks..CSW... ???.??.?.??.?.??.??? (Beauty Women Curvy)

I feel like I should worry about it blending in with the guitar though?black underbust corset / lingerie / lace bodysuit / all black / curvy / fierce

20 Magnetic Gothic Steampunk Women Costumes - Steampunko

20 Magnetic Gothic Steampunk Women Costumes

Model, photo, crown: Absentia Corset: Royal Black Couture & Corsetry

absentia-veil: “ Beautiful corset made by Royal Black Couture & Corsetry model, photo, crown: Absentia ”