-Alexis Castle writing about endings...but then each one eventually leads to yet another fresh beginning. The one certainty in life...and so it is.

-Alexis Castle writing about endings.but then each one eventually leads to yet another fresh beginning. The one certainty in life.

This Guy Was Bullied. His Graduation Speech Left The Audience Speechless. WOW! | SF Globe

Worth the read. Made me tear up. U never know when u can change someone's life. <-- i heard this story years ago, and it still makes me tear up just reading it :*) the power of friendship is a beautiful thing

A perfect insert to a graduation speech/card    You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this think. You can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it.   F. Scott Fitzgerald

it's never too late to be whoever you want to be. i hope you see things that startle you. i hope you feel things you never felt before. i hope you meet new people. i hope you live a life you're proud of.

"Sometimes you find out what you are supposed to be doing by doing the things you are not supposed to do." -Oprah Winfrey at Howard University... and 10 more quotes from commencement addresses

11 Inspiring Quotes From Graduation Speeches

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After I graduate in May! Anything can happen, hopefully all good things!

40 Motivational Quotes You Must Know

It doesn't always take a new year for a new start. Everyday is a new beginning and if something in your life needs a change. Have the courage to change it xoxo

Kiah's valedictorian quote

In life.make mistakes, have wonderful memories, but never second guess who you are, where you have been, and most importantly where it is you're going

8th Grade Graduation Speech Formulas

grade graduation speech phrases to help you framing graduation speeches ideas when you just do not know what to write for a three minute public speaking school address in kindergarten worksheets