angel wings wrapped around a heart with a halo .. This is something I would like too " gone but never forgotten MCV"

(I would love this on my ankle)Heart Angel Wings / Tattoos Free Tattoo Designs Gallery Considering this one so i have room for more items that respresent me

#tattoo by Fabien Belveze

Tattoo by Fabien Belveze. Découvrez tous les casinos du monde et leurs…

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Great idea for my pap. I have a bunch of cards that he wrote to me and that would be a great idea to get his handwriting as a tattoo.

Heart Tattoos | love heart tattoo with wings by ~Rhynorulz88 on deviantART

i originally designed this one for my sister to get but she ended up woosing out lol oh well here it is. a love heart tattoo with wings