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pin up hairstyle tutorial.i wih i was this good doin' hairdos.but you can't always get what you want (Pin Up Hair Tutorial)

(OPEN RP, Levi) I sit by the lake and watch the sunrise. It's beautiful how the gold mist circles the sun above the water. The sky fades from navy, to turquoise, to pink with a tint of yellow. I look at the sunrise in the reflection in the water. In the reflection, I suddenly realize you behind me. "Hey, Levi. How's it going?"

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Hey guys, my name is Freddie. Yes I know that is a guy's name. I am a greaser. I live with my brother, James, because our parents left us.

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three things: one I love her head scarf two i hate these pics where the tattoos look cool but you can barely see them and three I really want a milkshake

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34 Hot 1950s Photo Shoots