Gatsby : magnifique ou épuisant ? Leonardo DiCaprio

Gatsby : magnifique ou épuisant ?

The Great Gatsby: Leonardo DiCaprio. That realization on his face that in an instant his world is about to change entirely.

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1920s Mens Hats: Great Gatsby Era Hat Styles

Men's hat poster including: the top hat for formal attire, bowler hat (soft felt with a rounded crown), straw boater (soft felt hats with a rounded crown for the summer), and homburg hat (wool with a single dent in the middle)

In the movie, as in life, socioeconomic class defines a character's dress. In 1920s New York, class was beginning to change. Old $$ & Tom Buchanan-types were losing their hold on American culture. Gatsby & his parvenus pushed the boundaries of "appropriate." Bye-bye tailcoats. Hello tuxedos. In the extravagant party scenes, Luhrmann mixes the old guard with the new—a Western senator in a 10-gallon hat dances with a debutante; Ivy League boys wear white flannel pants & feel up film stars.

The Great Gatsby's Fabulous Betrayal of 1920s Fashion

After producing the mens costumes for the Great Gatsby film with designer Catherine Martin, the Brooks Brothers has adapted them for an exclusive line.

Brooks Brothers Launches Great Gatsby Collection [Pics

I know that almost everyone has pinned this but I just couldn't resist pinning it too. Brooks Brothers Pink Linen Suit-Brooks Brothers/The Great Gatsby Collection

Les costumes Brook Brothers : Gatsby le magnifique

Gatsby : magnifique ou épuisant ?

Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan, and Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby, 2013

Joel Edgerton and Tobey Maguire in Costume for The Great Gatsby

cosmo The quote, "Americans, while occasionally willing to be serfs, have always been obstinate about being peasantry," is a product of the Lost Generation because Americans would work for low pay but would reject the idea of being broke.

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mens suit styles explained - collars, cuffs and suit cuts. Everything a groom needs to know for wedding day attire.

Please. I want my future husband to dress like Gatsby. ❤️

The Great Gatsby // Brooks Brothers' Gatsby collection inspired by the clothiers collaboration with designer Catherine Martin for Baz Lurhmann's film adaptation.

20s mens costumes ideas: gangster, boater, Great Gatsby, Charlie Chaplain, Newt Scamander, mechanic, swimmer, golfer, Old Hollywood star

1920s Men's Costumes: Gatsby, Gangster, Mobster, Mafia

20s mens costumes ideas: gangster, boater, Great Gatsby, Charlie Chaplain, Newt Scamander, mechanic, swimmer, golfer, Old Hollywood star

BIG List of 1920's Patterns - Vintage, Reproduction Sewing Patterns

1920s Patterns - Vintage, Reproduction Sewing Patterns

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