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'Play with me Mummy' ~ Adorable Little Grey Tabby Kitten - Aww!

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Grey and White Tabby Kitten

Grey and White Tabby Kitten Stop your cats from spraying in your home.

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Flakekit. Loves to pounce on falling snowflakes. Wants to be a warrior. Found on the outskirts of the territory

This is ravenkit. She is the kit of orangeclaw. She is playful and sneaky

"cats taught me that lying is a sunny spot is a wonderful feeling", excerpt from Reach for the Sky

Learn everything about American Bobtail Cats. Find all American Bobtail Cat Breed Information, pictures of American Bobtail Cats, training, photos and care tips.

Grey Tabby- CUTEST KITTEN!!!

Grey Tabby - Of course in my dream place, with a barn comes rodents, so naturally I'd need a good mouser.

Tabby Cat Personality and Behavior (Tilly is a Mackerel tabby) This describes Odin! He is a perfect grey tabby. He is a people cat and loves to talk. He reminds me very much of the tabby in James Harriots children's book, "Oscar Cat About Town"

Tabby Cat like one of my favorite pets, named Bambi. (Cuz I'd just finished reading the novel that Disney based the cartoon from).


Aris: Rank: Paws of the Forgotten Loner Group Alive or Dead: Alive Cause of Death: Murdered by Squire thin grey tabby tom with pale green eyes

Ma, de utter kitties says I looks like a duss bunny!

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"Unbelievable, every time. Why do they do this EVERY time? The second anyone breaks out a camera- these two start clowning around like idiots!" (from Fiendishly Funny Felines: JB pop-Eggs @

Hypoallergenic too. - I want a siberian kitten! They look and act a lot like my kitty Portia! I believe she may be a SIberian mix. - Tap the link now to see all of our cool cat collections!