i want to be on a date with this guy every day for the rest of my life

A plea for s On Poets and Quants in the Marketing Dept. (Or In Defense of English Majors)

40 Cool Men's Looks Wearing Glasses

40 Cool Men's Looks Wearing Glasses

guy with beard and glasses

Quirky Quote: Behind every clever girl is a guy with a beard and glasses. Totally george and i

So true. Never take my glasses off my face GUYS... I will hurt you. Glasses are my friend. We met when I was two...

I used to wear glasses all the time! Now I wear contacts-thank God- although sometimes I wear glasses to very!

Hey I am dominic on the light side I am the computer genius I am 16 and single

What is your type?

Dylan O'Brien in The Internship. Can his eyesight please diminish considerably so he is forced to wear fucking sexy nerd glasses for the rest of his life. That'd be perf thanks.

Glasses for Round face shape people

How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Glasses?

I don't understand this pictures setting, but I love guys in glasses. Sexy guy though