At Pennywell Farm in Devon, England, an unusual friendship has blossomed between William, a miniature piglet, and Charles, a giant rabbit. According to Chris Murray of Pennywell Farm, “The cheeky piglet seems to have no fear of something so much bigger than he is and he will also help himself to any food that Charles has.”

well yes lydia. there is your dream pig and your rabbit Nibbles (from your childish dreams) in one photo. the only thing is I'm sure Nibbles was supposed to have been a mini lop eared rabbit. maybe one day dreams can come true ;

Really Funny Pictures That Will Make You Laugh - 43

56 Really Funny Pictures That Will Make You Laugh

This is a combo between a burger and a hotdog... The Hamdog is here!

Innovation at its finest, hamburger-hotdog hybrid Hamdog will make its global debut in WA this weekend. With a nod of approval from opposition leader Bill Shorten (intentional or not) and the green…

Ham Dogger Make a hamburger with a hot dog twisteven stuff it! Im going to do this!

Quote: "Ham Dogger Make a hamburger with a “hot dog” twist—even stuff it! The hit of the BBQ! With Ham Dogger, it’s easy to shape a hamburger like a hot dog. Even use with veggies or ground turkey to create family-favorite twists on a hot dog!

Image result for Burning Man 2016 Uncensored

Image result for Burning Man 2016 Uncensored

I NEED this Australian Shepherd puppy.

When I see a picture of an Aussie puppy it just makes me wish I knew my baby, Clementine, when she was a puppy. Gawd, they are so damn cute & fluffy!

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Image result for naturesdoorways

Pig with purple bandana

micropig with a bandana and cowboy hat. all it needs is red cowboy boots

(originally pinned by Rose) *Your Chinese Zodiac Animal: Boar ~ January 8, 2014*

Having a small teacup pig has become a fast developing development everywhere. Even though staying called a teacup pig , it doesn't continu.

Cute piggy is cute...SHOWER TIME I want a mini pig soooo bad it hurts!

Cute piggy is cute…

Funny pictures about Piggy shower. Oh, and cool pics about Piggy shower. Also, Piggy shower.