Vijayanjaneya Statue, Harshal Battin on ArtStation at

Vijayanjaneya Statue, Harshal Battin on ArtStation at

Hanuman The 14th avatar of Shiva

Hanuman Chalisa locket is a European technology gold plated pendant is also printed with Hanuman Chalisa in a legible format. There is a small glass lens located on the pendant that enables you read Hanuman Chalisa clearly even through your naked eyes.

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Are you suffering loses in your business or you are facing health woes from sometime? Life does get disturbed when something like that happens to us or to our family. It is usually said that what medicines can not do, prayers do.


Jav I Happy Hanuman Jayanti india!✨❤️ lets's celebrate the birth of our Lord who keeps reminding us of our (inner) strenght, love, peace, wisdom, knowledge and energy!

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