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Here are some of the smart choices on the breakfast menu. McDonalds Oatmeal Fruin N Yogurt Parfait Coffee Iced Latte W/Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup and Non Fat Milk Egg McMuffin Fruit N Walnut Salad

McDonald's 400 Calorie Menu. The calorie counts might be low, but remember they are still void of any nutrition.

McDonald’s Favorites Under 400 Calorie menu features a variety of customers’ popular food and beverage choices for under 400 calories.

30 surprisingly healthy fast foods

30 Surprisingly Healthy Fast Foods

Healthy Lunch from McDonald's: for the summer when I do travel training and may not have another choice...

Healthy Lunches Under 400 Calories

McDonalds healthy lunch: cheeseburger, side salad with low fat balsamic dressing, apple dippers

50 Weight Watchers Friendly Fast Food Menu Options - All Under 8 Points

Here are 10 menu options at Taco Bell that will fit into your Weight Watchers Meal Plan – All 8 Points or Less! Bacon A.

There's a misconception that healthier foods are more expensive than junk food. But this is not true. If you calculate the cost of preparing a healthy food and compare the cost with the amount of money you may pay for junk foods, you'd see that healthier options are often much cheaper. One of the examples…

Junk food or healthy food? Which one is more expensive?

Fast Food Comparison - prices have gone up some, but still a healthy meal does not cost more.

Ordering Healthy Options at McDonald's | Healthy Eats – Food Network Healthy Living Blog

Order This, Not That: McDonald’s

Craving French fries with that beer? A new study has found that people eat more unhealthy food and consume more fat and calories on the days that they drink.

Healthy Fast Food Options. So helpful when you don't have time to cook a meal. :)

Food-Court Survival: Healthy Fast-Food Options

No Time to Cook? 6 Low-Calorie Fast-Food Breakfast Orders - Good to know of when traveling!

6 Healthy Options at McDonalds When You're Not Feeling A Big Mac | Bustle

Healthiest Meals to Order at McDonald's

A McDonald's drive-thru window became a squeeze-thru window for a woman who apparently needed a fast food fix.

McDonalds-Healthier Foods

Christmas drink - Green alcoholic drink edged in red with a candy cane decoration.Christmas drinks, work party, celebrations, etc.

Forced to fall back on fast food? Our expert recommends a large chili from Wendy's—just 310 calories, plus 26 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber!

The Healthiest Options at Fast-Food Restaurants

30 surprisingly healthy fast foods

30 Surprisingly Healthy Fast Foods

Healthy Fast Food | List of Low Calorie Fast Food Options

The Healthiest Fast Food Choices in America

McDonald's Yogurt Parfait Recipe- I lived on these during those morning sickness months (morning shakes yogurt)