Helena Bonham Carter just happens to be one of the most amazing actresses I ever seen!

Helena Bonham Carter > Feature film credits from active since 1983 > Born 26 May London, England > Occupation: Actress > Partner(s) Kenneth Branagh (p. Tim Burton (m.

i want a tattoo with that smoke going up my arm...prob try Faith in rosa - Oh man i just now realized this wasn't a foto. Dam

Artist Brittni DeWeese is a big fan of the movie FightClub and she also wanted to practice drawing smoke. The result of these two thing is this marvelous picture of MarlaSinger.

Helena Bonham Carter ~ pale skin with a grey pink lips and smoky eyes and dark…

Great Expectations: interview with Helena Bonham Carter

Reportedly into astrology, the stunning and quirky Helena Bonham Carter stars as Mrs. Havishan from Great Expectations in theaters now. __May Sun, Leo Moon, Rising unknown

Dare to be as fiercely different as Helena!

Here’s What’s Really Wrong With Those ‘In A World Full of Kardashians…’ Memes

Helena Bonham Carter fantastic fashion inspiration for all good grimm and fairy style followers

I think the world needs more eccentric English women! : ) Protect or control campaign - helena-bonham-carter Photo

" Helena Bonham Carter: 'We're the bonkers couple' ~ The actor tells Simon Hattenstone about life with Tim Burton, their latest spectacular, Alice In Wonderland – and being branded a 'disastrous dresser'" ~ I ♥ her SO much! ~

Curiouser and curiouser

The Guardian asks actress Helena Bonham Carter about her career thus far, Alice in Wonderland , how her life has change since meeting Tim B.

Helena Bonham Carter. Proof that there's such thing as looking crazily beautiful. I'll teach my daughter this

Helena Bonham Carter Photos Photos - Oscar nominated actress, Helena Bonham Carter, shows off her quirky fashion sense as she goes grocery shopping near her home.

Conversations with Other Women (2005)-I love Helena as an actress. Her & Tim Burton sure made (past tense) quite a pair!

Helena Bonham Carter me changed life Más

Helena Bonham Carter - please stop being so awesome,  you are making the rest of us look bad!

: “ In person, as on screen, Bonham Carter is hauntingly beautiful, with a childlike face, brown-rimmed eyes and that great bush of wild electrocuted-looking hair that makes her look as if she’s.