Sweet wittle white faces

Sweet wittle white faces Yeah and see those plastic tags in their ears.they're already cuts of meat.after you've finished 'aahhh-ing' over the cute animal pics you'll probably go and eat some.

Traditional Hereford                                                       …

Traditional Hereford … Our family had a cow just like this one, her name was Cindy.

Hereford Bull

Geyer's bull reincarnated that used to chase us out of his cow pasture.

God be heard sign-shiplap-14x21-hereford by FarmHandsDesigns

Cows God be heard cattle-vintage hereford-farmhouse decor-beef cattle-fixer upper-farm sign-ranch decor-cattle

Cattle String Art

made by Marisa Henrickson‎ (I would like it in Hereford colors!

Hereford Cattle: Cool Drink on a Hot Day  by Daria Shachmut  Oil 20 x 16

Cool Drink on a Hot Day ( 2010 OPA Western Regional Exhibition) by Daria Shachmut Oil ~ 20 x 16

I don't think you quite understand how great of a picture this is, because the rule of thirds is almost perfect, there is a lot of detail, and the background doesn't distract from the picture. The lighting is great and what shadows are there would not take off from the photo. This had to be a winning shot. State fair ribbon for sure.

I've always wanted a pet cow.okay, two pet cows, I don't want the first pet cow to be lonely.

All Creatures Great and Small: &amp

‘Miss Jesika’ by PrairieRose