I may have grown up watching Hey Arnold! with my brother and sister, but the truth is, this hit Nickelodeon cartoon series always kind of freaked me out. Maybe it's because I'm generally pretty cre...

10 Crazy, Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Hey Arnold

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Image result for hey arnold the jungle movie

Arnold from Hey Arnold!

Got bored, and was watching old Hey Arnold episodes, so I thought why not? Hey Arnold is owned by Nickelodeon, and this is meant as a work of fan art, n.

These were things to live by then. And continue now.

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Funny pictures about Hey Arnold’s Dream Bedroom. Oh, and cool pics about Hey Arnold’s Dream Bedroom. Also, Hey Arnold’s Dream Bedroom photos.

Arnold when he's older.

All grown up

I just wished they dated in the show hey arnold.Helga and Arnold grown up

Holy Schnikes, Arnold Wears A New Outfit In The

Here's Our First Look At The "Hey Arnold" Reboot

This episode gave me so many feels! :( I ship them it's so cute! I think secretly Arnold still had feelings for Helga :)

The One Thing You Never Noticed In "Hey Arnold!"

When Miss Slovak showed that some people will never find love.

23 Moments "Hey Arnold!" Got Way Too Real