Can’t hide TV wires in the wall? Here is the easiest way to hide flat panel TV wires and cords for under $20 dollars!  Read more:

Legrand introduces the Wiremold® Flat Screen TV Cord Cover Kit, a convenient solution that hides TV cords and cables beneath a wall-mounted TV in

move TV to brick side of backroom, low couch in front of plants in window? swivel club chair in corner by fire place--How-To-Hide-Your-TV-Wires-and-Cable-Box

How To Hide TV Wires For A Cord-Free Wall

Since we live in an apartment we can't cut holes into the wall to hide the cords. This is a nice way around that.

Hiding cords for wall mounted TV.I like this I think it is totally workable. Especially because it will be along the fireplace.

Hide Those Cords - Need help hiding cords behind your media cabinet? Look no further.

Hide those Cords (hiding tv wires, etc!)

Need help with hiding tv wires? How about other electrical wires? Here's the perfect post solution! Old dressers, buffets make great TV consoles.

How to mount your TV outside and hide the cable box and wires behind it

Hide your cable, DVR, or satellite box with a TV wall mount from Innovative Americans! Perfect for a fireplace or outdoor TV mount. Put your cable box behind your TV!