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when im older. and my little girl asks me who my first love was, i don't want to have to pull out the old photo album.i want to be able to point across the room and say. he is sitting right ov - Collection Of Inspiring Quotes, Sayings, Images

A sweet little note for the big day.

in you I found the true love of my life and my closest, truest friend. Don't forsake your best friend. Don't stop loving your true love.

Cory's inspiring words influence many fans, as they sustain hope for a successful yet passionate relationship with the person they grew up with - their best friend. Such a pure union is less common in today's society considering divorce rates, thus making Cory and Topanga's relationship of utmost admiration.

Every statistic that you throw at me is gonna be about other people. I don't care about other people, okay? I care about you and me. If every marriage failed except for one, I guarantee you that one would be ours" - Cory Matthews (Boy Meets World) awwwww♥

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There won't be anymore walking out at least on my part. You need to tell me if you want this too..if you are willing to go the distance with this love. I completely am. I am not perfect, but darling I will do my best and if you're there for me and we can take this calmly to where we need to be as people...it is beyond possible. And who wouldn't want their love of their life...their high school sweetheart to be with them for the rest of their life? Honestly? Idc even if you weren't my…

I think people just make a relationship more difficult than it has to be. Or either Garrett and I are just incredibly good at this thing we got going on ;

Highschool Sweethearts Chair Signs, Rustic Wooden Wedding Signs, Photo Prop Signs, The Paper Walrus

High School Sweetheart Signs, Wooden Wedding Signs, Wedding Chair Signs, Photo Prop Signs | 10x5.5 Set

Highschool Sweethearts Chair Signs, Rustic Wooden Wedding Signs, Photo Prop Signs, The Paper Walrus

"I have always known it was you!" Perfect sentiment for high school sweeties. Read their story and give 'em a shout out on #smp! Here: http://www.StyleMePretty.com/northwest-weddings/2014/04/01/romantic-tacoma-wedding-of-high-school-sweethearts/ AlantePhotography.com

Romantic Tacoma Wedding of High School Sweethearts

Andy and I have been together since I was 17, and I have loved him every single day.  :)

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