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HIT GIRL Kick-Ass HIT GIRL- loved this film. I couldn't see what the fuss was about, I have to be honest.

Erin Sanders in Hit Girl Costume Photo - 'Megamind' Premiere

'Megamind' Exclusive Premiere Photos

Exclusive photo of Erin Sanders in Hit Girl costume at the premiere of the movie Megamind. Erin Sanders in Hit Girl Costume photo from the premiere of Megamind held on October 2010 at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

Serious Hit Girl by DugiDugong

Me dressed as Hit Girl for a photo shoot. Photo taken by: [link] Serious Hit Girl

My Hit-Girl Costume - Creative Central - Millarworld

When I first saw Kick-Ass, I was instantly enamored with Hit-Girl and just knew I had to do this costume.

Hit Girl Costume // 100+ Halloween Costume Ideas from Comic Con: (

Comic-Con 2015: 60+ Photos of the Best Costumes

Kick-Ass Kick Ass Hit-Girl Hit Girl Cosplay Costume

Kick-Ass Kick Ass Hit-Girl Hit Girl Cosplay Costume

8 Hit-Girl Cosplays

I loved the movie Kick Ass and Hit-Girl was one of the characters that made it so great. I think you could pit her .

Chloe Moretz was just 11 when she stole the movie "Kick Ass" last year. She was unbelievable as "Hit Girl" and if you have not seen this movie, you should check out the shocking and unexpected performance!

Hit Girl’s Revenge: The Kick-Ass Kids Are All Right

Hit Girl #cosplay. #kick-ass

Cosplay Hit Girl Kick Ass #232

hit girl costume baby | Hit Girl toddler! . Hit Girl - Homemade costumes for babies

Hit Girl - Halloween Costume Contest at

Destiny: This is Lilyana. She chose to be Hit Girl this Halloween. Her mama made her costume, it was tons of fun to make! Her skirt is sewn to fit,.

deviantART: More Like Resident Evil 6 - Carla Radames Render 02 by ~fxsword

I have major love for Kick-Ass. As a favor to a close friend - and, obviously, a fellow Hit Girl fan - I drew this entry into Sorority Life's Halloween .

Fancy Dress Costumes: How To Make Your Own Hit Girl Costume From Home

How to Make Your Own DIY Hit Girl Fancy Dress Costume